COVID Statements

Important Messages to Guests of Eagle Wilton Manors

To our Valued Guests of Eagle Wilton Manors

 Eagle Wilton Manors takes great steps to help ensure the safety of our guests during COVID-19. 

The Eagle has a very rigorous, mandatory, bi-weekly COVID-19 testing schedule for employees. Employees are required to show proof of testing to management on a regular basis. If an employee thinks they may have been exposed or have symptoms, they are required to report this to their manager and stay home until a negative test result has been provided.  All employees wear masks at all times while working. 

This testing program has been in effect since reopening in September 2020. We also do a great deal of sanitizing, cleaning, temp checks of guests and staff, and other precautions on a daily basis to ensure guest and employee safety. 

We will continue to operate the Eagle Safely, and will continue to keep our standards high to ensure a safe environment for all of our guests. Please keep in mind that any public interaction with humans poses a risk to COVID-19. By entering the Eagle Wilton Manors, you are agreeing to take certain risks to your health.  

Thanks for your continued support. 

-Eagle Management

COVID-19 has had a major impact on our business and so many of the businesses in Wilton Manors and around the globe. We have all been faced with many challenges like less hours of operation, increased health and safety risks for all guests and staff, 50% capacity seating only, and the fact that we are forced to temporarily change our business model from a high energy dance club to more of a restaurant atmosphere.

While we are very excited to re-open, we are following the other bars on the drive to limit the hours of happy hour to help us recover from the great deal of losses we have incurred to date.

Happy Hour will end at 8pm Monday – Thursday and will end at 7pm Friday – Sunday.

When the time is appropriate, we will return back to a high energy dance venue and bring back the amazing events and parties that you have all come to love.  Until that time occurs, we offer Eagle Eats on Friday, Saturday and Sunday every week and will operate under the guidelines of the city and state with regards to capacity and other safety measures.

We thank you for your patience and patronage, and we look forward to serving you to the very best of our ability. We promise to bring you exceptional service in a comfortable, clean and safe atmosphere.

Chuck King
General Manager