Mr. Eagle Wilton Manors Rules

Mr. Eagle Wilton Manors Contest Rules and Guidelines

  • All participants should IDENTIFY as a gay male
  • 21 Years of age.
  • A resident of  the United States of America

Contestant must be free of issues with local, regional and national law enforcement or legal issues that could affect your title year. If you are on probation, you must wait till your probation is complete before you can compete.

Winner receives: Brand New Title Vest, Back Patch, Medallion, $500 for the travel for the year, and their hotel room paid for at IML. The winner can access another $500 by holding a fundraiser for any Florida 501c(3) Charity at any time before the end of their title year. Winner also gets two free cocktails each night they represent the bar on site.

Contestant  must be prepared to represent Eagle Wilton Manors as a contestant in the International Mr. Leather (IML) Contest in Chicago, IL, Memorial Day Weekend .

Contestants will be scored in the following categories:

Meet and Greet (Friday Night at Eagle) – Maximum 25 points

Contestants will show off their best assets while raising money for the winner’s travel fund, and interacting with the judges, staff and guests.  Wear you best night out at the leather bar look. This would be a similar type of bar wear for the Attitude and personality part of the contest.

  • Interview & Pre-judging (Satuday at Noon)– maximum 35 points – Each Contestant will individually meet with the full panel of Judges and respond to whatever questions he is asked.  This interview will take place in private (offstage) without any audience.  You can select attire that you feel is appropriate, but we would suggest “Leather Casual.”  Judges’ questions often cover knowledge of the leather community; its leaders and history; the Contestant’s community service, contributions, leadership; and personal questions about the Contestant.
  • Attitude and Personality (Saturday night live contest)– maximum 25 points. Each Contestant will appear on stage in the leather wear of their choice.   This category is also called Bar wear (aka what you’d normally wear out on a regular bar night).  The Contestant should select their leather wear to reflect their personality. Each contestant will be asked one question in this category.
  • Jock Strap (Saturday night live contest)– maximum 20 points. Each Contestant will appear onstage in a jock strap of his choice. This segment is not an “exotic fashion show” or “body competition,” but a celebration of our leather lifestyle and will be judged as such. Your stage presence and confidence are very important.  Judges are looking for how well you will represent Eagle Wilton Manors and how well you present and carry yourself on stage.
  • Formal Leather (Saturday night live contest)– maximum 25 points. Each Contestant will appear onstage in the formal leather wear of their choice. Remember that Judges will be assessing your attitude, presence, and confidence in all judged events.