Mr. Eagle Wilton Manors Judges

Head Judge: Gilbert Guardiola
Mr Eagle WM 2023

Lil Daddy (Gilbert Guardiola) Lil Daddy was born and raised in Dallas TX and has recently moved in February 2022 To For Lauderdale. He has touched the hearts of many since his transition from the State with where things are always bigger. Since the age of 18, he has dedicated his time in Dallas to help not only the LGBTQIA+, He has dedicated his life working on “leaving a mark in the world.” He has always believed in helping those in need, and has volunteered through the years helping people with HIV/AIDS with organizations in Dallas such as Life Walk, AIDS Arms, Resource Center, and Legacy House. He has spared his hand not to be acknowledged, but to share with the world that, even the smallest acts of kindness, can make the biggest change or impact in the world. His motto and beliefs are, ” Show the world Love, Kindness, Compassion and Respect because you never know who’s life you may change, or who’s blessing you can be. So go out there and be someone’s blessing.” He encourages everyone to be the change in the world we all need. While his acts of kindness hasn’t stop there, he continues to touch those around the world. And nothing will stop him until he is remember as “The one who loved his LGBTQIA+ and Leather family more than life itself.” And as Little Daddy will always say, “Be the inspiration and encouragement that everyone needs, believe that no matter what storms may come, we as a community will go through anything that comes our way and we always stay strong!”

James Tyrcha
Mr Ramrod 2023

James Tyrcha is an open proud gay transman.  He is a US Army Veteran Military Police Officer, and his current profession is Barbering.  He has been involved in the leather community now for 17 years.

James holds 2 Leather titles:
Mr. Leather64TEN 2016
Mr. Ramrod 2023
He also placed 9th place at International Mr. Leather 2023.
James is deeply passionate about the Leather community.   He is always seeking innovative ways to grow the leather community through education,  leather donations, volunteering,  events, and  conversations.
Inspiration is one of the strongest qualities James believes leaders should possess. He sees potential in others and loves to bring the best out in them.  Knowing his own success is seeing others succeed in their best abilities.
James loves dogs more than anything, his dream is to meet Madonna one day.  He flags red in both pockets and hopes to find love again!

Heather Raquel
Ms. Philadelphia Leather 2017

Heather Raquel (Raquel) is a mixed, switchy, fluid Kinkster from Philadelphia. 
They are Ms. Philadelphia leather 2017 and an associate member of their hometown MC, The Philadelphians.
She is on the Board of Directors at the Leather Archives & Museum since 2020 where they held the Visiting Scholarship in 2019.
As an artist they use their voice to amplify the voices and celebrate the joy of marginalized people within marginalized communities. 
Her most recent endeavor has been curating the Exhibition, “Sparks in a Dark Room” by Gabriel Martinez at the LA&M. 

Mark Branson
Mr GNI 2019

Mark (any pronouns) has been active in the Baltimore & Mid-Atlantic Leather communities for many years.  He served as Mr. GNI Leather 2019 and carried the title through the plague years, making the top 20 at IML ’44 in 2022. They are currently the president of COMMAND MC and lead Baltimore Nude Yoga. She is also an associate of ONYX-Mid-Atlantic and La Fraternitié du Loup Garou. As a member of Gay Naturists International (GNI), they work to create bridges between the naturist community and the leather community, helping to make more kinky naturists and more naked leatherfolx.
Mark identifies as agender and non-binary, but also as a gay man – recognizing that their cis-passing appearance provides them with privilege that other non-binary people lack. His goal is to combine the body positivity of the gay naturist movement with the sex-positivity of the leather community, and help to free everyone from the negative emotions which hold them back from being their best selves. They are a committed educator in both kink and non-kink spaces, teaching mathematics in the vanilla world and naked yoga, electro, wax, and sensation play in kink spaces.

Pedro Coronado
Mr RGV Leather 2023

Pedro Coronado is the current Mr RGV Leather 2023.  The title is its first for the Rio Grande Valley which is located on the southern most tip of Texas along the US/Mexico Border.  Pedro is first generation Mexican American and has a deep connection and love for Border communities.  As Mr. RGV Leather 2023 he had the honor and was the first to compete from the Rio Grande Valley, TX at International Mr. Leather 2023.  He achieved to place 8th amongst his amazing group of peers.  Pedro started his Instagram Live series, All Things Fetish, Kink and Leather, on June 6, 2023 and has been able to interview 20 influential members if the fetish/kink/leather community.  Bringing forth experiences and empowering other people and communities to live their best Kink/Fetish/Leather lives that they can.  Along with other community members, Pedro has hosted various Kink events with demonstrations of various fetishes.  Creating a safe and empowering space for all.  Pedro was also recently featured in HIV Plus Magazine and had an interview at the Advocate Channel pertaining to his HIV advocacy work.  His platform not includes HIV advocacy but also work with asylum seekers on the border.  On a personal level he enjoys places that are clothing optional, spending time with his husband and four furbabies.  Catch him doing karaoke at any place, but only after some liquid courage.

Matthew Moody
2nd Runner Up IML, and Mr Phoenix Leather 2022

Matthew Moody (He/Him/His), is Mr. Phoenix Leather 2022 and bronze medalist at IML 2023 as second runner up. He’s a Designer, Musician, Event/Party Promoter, DJ, Producer, Punk, and above all a Leather Man. He works locally throwing events to service his community from raising funds for local charities to just giving folks a place to go, to celebrate their kinks and fetishes. owner of SWAPMEAT apparel and designer for rough trade gear he is an avid collector of leather for over 20 years. He loves answering questions and helping folks discover Leather and kink. He’s traveled extensively with his punk and hardcore bands, and has been lucky enough to gain a very broad point of view on leather. Since IML he’s attended events in London, Los Angeles, Austin, San Francisco, Minneapolis and Berlin with many more to come. He prides himself on being a Do-er and doesn’t fear failure, as it is always the best teacher…. His motto is “If actions speak louder than words, I’m the most deafening noise you’ve heard. I’ll be the ringing in your ears that sticks around for years.”

Chuck Braidwood
Mr Michigan 2014

Chuck Braidwood has been a fixture of the Detroit and Michigan leather scenes for over a decade.  He began with his local bar title, Mr. Liberty Leather 2013, and went on to be selected as Mr. Michigan Leather 2014 and competed that year at IML.  He has maintained a presence in the community, judging and volunteering for multiple contests and events.  He is also one of the founding members of The Mavericks, a social leather club whose sole purpose is to host leather and kink themed parties at various venues in the Detroit area.  Chuck lives in the Detroit area with Brian Mailley, his husband and partner in crime of 27 years.  He is honored to have been selected as part of this years’ judging panel.

David Deblase – Den Daddy
Mr. Maryland Leather 2014

David DeBlase, Mr. Maryland Leather 2014, Mama’s Bawlmer Boh hails from Baltimore, Maryland, and has been a South Florida resident for over seven years with his partner Austin and dachshund Badger.

Having worked in the nonprofit sector for many years, he transitioned to a career in project management and has been employed at Eagle Wilton Manors since it opened.

His previous work includes collaborating with establishing Team Friendly Baltimore, creating kink HIV education programs at Johns Hopkins University, event coordinating AHF AIDS Walks, and partnering with local outreach organizations in Maryland and South Florida.